Why clocks are great for kids

Posted on 16 March 2016

There are many benefits from having clocks in children's rooms.

When they are little clocks promote numeracy.  All Clocksicle clocks have all numbers from 1 to 12 to encourage counting.  As they grow they can count the dots to 60 and count by fives.  Just like having books helps literacy development, so too having an easy to read, visible clock assists a child's numerical skills.

When they are middle sized, around 6 to 10, kids learn to tell the time. Clocksicle clocks come with tips to assist you to teach your kids to tell the time.  

When children are bigger, from 10 or 11, clocks enable them to establish routines and direct their own time. 

There is a Clocksicle clock to suit every child.  Which one is yours?

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