Our Story

Clocksicle puts a little style & learning into every room. Originally developed by Founder Alison Oldfield to find a suitable clock for children. Clocks were either too big, didn’t have all the numbers, too childish or ticked too loudly, and no one likes a restless sleep because of a noisy clock.

Clocksicle clocks are gorgeous to look at, with all numbers boldly placed so the time is easy to tell AND they don't tick noisily.  

Clocksicle clocks look great and are an aesthetically pleasing, stylish accessory for every room and for everyone, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's day or any kind of present, even for yourself, they will brighten up any room.

Following the selling of the business in late April 2020, the new Director of Clocksicle, Rachel Carlile, has a dream for beautiful customisable clocks in all sizes, for everyone.

Clocksicle will bring style, learning and helpful routine into your lives.