A Clocksicle clock puts style & learning into every room. The numbers are clear, easy to read and there is a 'dot' to mark each second. In addition to being functional and great for teaching children to tell the time, the clocks are beautifully designed to add fun (neon rainbow), elegance (you can't go past the black clock) or pizazz (neon pink - yes!) to any room - depending on which fabulous design you choose. Pick from one of our best sellers or select your own very special design from our Custom range - if you can dream it, we have it!

Clocksicle clocks are simply gorgeous, many of our customers can't stop at one. And probably the best thing is...they do not tick so can go into any room in the house where a ticking clock would usually annoy such the bedroom, lounge, and office

Why not buy the pair?

Who wouldn't love a matching set of SILENT rainbow clocks from our 40cm and 26cm range...we also have a simply sweet 9cm matching alarm clock

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